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Private dinner parties for 28
These dinner parties are carefully planned and require an hour to detail the menu. The client will select from the master menu and will be required to fill out a client health needs & preference form. If the client requests a floral arrangement, certain candles or a specific way in which the table will be set, Savory Grace will take care of all the details and will bill for the extra time and expense. Each course is decided as well as the date, time and location of your dinner party.

Savory Grace takes great pride in presentation, quality and selection of all ingredients. An hourly rate of $75.00 applies which begins at the time the food is purchased and continues until the dinners are cleared and the kitchen is cleaned. This service includes: menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation in the clients home, setting the table with flowers and serving all courses. The client will chose from a 3 or 4 course dinner.

There is a minimum of 6 hours and a nonrefundable deposit of $400.00 is due with the signed contract two weeks prior to the event. The cost of all groceries will be collected at the end of the evening. The balance for the service and the groceries are due in full and may be paid with either a business or personal check or cash.

Excludes Holidays and Sundays. Savory Grace is not responsible for any problems, accidents or liability if alcoholic beverages are consumed before, during or after the planned event.